Chilled Fog Incubation


Unknown-7Research and on-going design modifications of Redd Zones’ “I-up” egg incubator have resulted in a compact lightweight and easy-to-operate fog incubation for salmon and trout eggs. Unlike other “moist air” incubators, the Redd Zone “I-up” has only two moving parts,  two 24V circulation fans and a nebulizer also run off of a 24V transformer. Both elements are designed to run continuously providing a secure and safe environment for fertilized eggs to develop.


Unknown-2The Chilled Redd, our single door unit, is capable of holding 150,000 coho salmon eggs and the “Big Redd” twice that. Water hardened eggs are loaded on trays, slid into position and the unit turned on to provide continuous 100% humidity, sufficient to provide oxygen to the eggs. The fog producing (sonication) system uses only one to two gallons of water per day to generate the fog. If chilling for otolith marking or deceleration of development is desired the unit can be supplied with a micro chiller capable of temperatures as low as 39F.

Please contact us with your parameters and desired outcomes so we can custom fit a unit to meet your needs. Temperatures in the incubation chamber are controlled by balancing a plate chiller and an air conditioning unit so heating or chilling can be achieved.

Evaluation of Bulk Incubation in Chilled Fog  by Tod Jones


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