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TodTod Jones is our President and CEO. Tod has over twenty-five years of fisheries experience begining in the late 1970’s in South East Alaska where he was on the ground floor of the non-prophet hatchery movement. Tod spent nearly twenty years managing that project that produced over 100 million salmon fry per year. After a brief hiatus in the middle east, he moved to Oregon to manage the Select Area Fisheries Project for Clatsop County. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology and Chemistry with several minors in the Humanities.

The Salmon Egg Planter he invented has planted more salmon eggs than any other device. He now resides in Astoria, Oregon and is involved in Lower Columbia River salmon and steelhead recovery and served on the Oregon Salmon and Trout Advisory Committee. His latest invention, the “Portable Egg Eyeing Station” is being beta tested for different species and different functions while the Patent Pending Status plays out.


Jeremy Richardson is a graduate of The University if Oregon’s Institute of Molecular Biochemistry. Where he also studied at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology. He served for 20 years with the Oregon State Police in the Forensic Services Division, the Patrol Division and the Fish and Wildlife Special Investigations Unit. He currently resides in Astoria, Oregon; and works as an illustrator and stay-at-home Dad.

Jordan Jones

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