“Best Fry Swim Out” Incubation


REDD ZONE “Best Fry Swim Out” incubators have been engineered to produce the highest quality salmon and trout fry of any incubator on the market.

Emergent fry from “Best Fry” incubators are heavier than those hatched in vertical tray or trough incubators. Water conservation and space utilization equals or exceeds the older technology as well.

Each incubator is supplied with appropriate sized hatch plate according to species incubated, adequate substrate and plumbing for input water. If you are considering up-grading your incubation system, REDD ZONE has options you may want to consider to produce the highest quality fry. “Best Fry” incubators are designed to easily fit in existing footprint with little or no plumbing alterations. One 24″ “Best Fry” incubator will replace the production of sixteen vertical trays, allowing you to double your production with the same footprint and minimal alteration of your existing plumbing infrastructure.

Inserts for family tracking are an recent addition to the Best Fry incubators. The 18″ model will hold dividers for twenty isolation chambers while the 24″ unit will allow for twenty five (25) isolates. Our “Trout box” will hold twelve (12) isolates.

New fry media imported by Redd Zone makes for easier clean up and quicker fry outmigration.

Cost of each 18″ unit, which includes the basic HDPE box with substrate and slotted hatch plate is $2,022.00. Custom alterations to meet your needs are available and will be additional. A larger option is the 24″ unit with 33% greater capacity for $2,205.00 per box. Twenty isolation inserts are $70 and the twenty five isolation inserts are $90. Our “trout box” sells for 
$505.00 with out inserts and $575.00 with inserts.

Contact Redd Zone at 503-791-9854  for further custom design and pricing.



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