Columbia Basin Trout Hatchdry

Columbia Basin Trout Hatchery near Moses Lake, Washington, produces Rainbow Trout for the recreational fishery. Declining available water has forced the hatchery to consider reducing production. Redd Zone designed three Water Spikes to match the water flows and modest head pressure to hyper oxygenate three of the raceways. The manager expects to add more to his complex to fully utilize available rearing potential based on the positive results from this phase of the project.

Portable Egg Eyeing Station

Redd Zone portable egg eyeing station capable of chilling and/or heating recycled water. Three box unit with chiller capable of eyeing 225,000 Chinook eggs or 275,000 Coho. A four box unit will eye up 320,000 Chinook or 350,000 Coho. Chilling capacity allow for 20F temperature drop in two hours, ideal for otolith marking and/or slowing down development. The two box unit can be used to achieve triploid trout eggs. Each unit can be rolled into place at your convenience and operates on 115 V power.

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