Fog Incubation

The history of attempts to perfect mist incubation goes well back into hatchery history in the Pacific North West as well as across the nation. Many have attempted but given up for a variety of reasons. The last five years has seen a major leap forward in early incubation technology with the invention of the “Chilled Fog” incubator developed by Redd Zone.

Advantages of Moist Air Incubation

Fog Incubation requires and incredibly small amount of water. No prophylactic treatment for fungus is necessary if eggs are sterilized and water hardened before loading.

  • Each family can be isolated
  • Lateral transfer of pathogens is eliminated
  • Infinite temperature ranges are easily achieve, allowing one to accelerate or decelerate development.
  • Otolith marking is virtually effortless and free

On-going testing

Redd Zone is pioneering research on a different approach to early incubation of salmon and trout eggs. In cooperation with several fish hatcheries in the Pacific Northwest, Colorado and Idaho, Redd Zone is testing both salmon and trout in its new chilled fog incubators. Our approach is to generate moisture through sonication (ultrasonic) vibration, to produce a one micron fog that bathes the fertilized eggs. This allows for the transfer of oxygen and carbon dioxide across the cell membranes.

Without high pressure pumps and other complexities, we have a product that is quite simple and easy to operate yet miserly in its water consumption. At one gallon of water per day the system can even operate on domestic water supply as each incubator comes with a carbon filter good for one thousand gallons of usage. That’s several incubation seasons! Cost of filter replacement is less than $10. Chilling is accomplished by the use of Peltier Chip Technology, which is solid state, very stable and also miserly in power consumption.

We have two size units available, a single door with twelve trays and a double door with twice that. Each tray is comparable to two Marisource vertical flow trays commonly used in hatcheries around the world. Using the same foot print as the vertical tray stack, our double door unit will incubate the equivalent of 48 trays, three times that of a Marisource double stack.

Units operate on 24V DC current and can be modified for 115V AC or 230V AC source power.

Please contact Tod or Roger for pricing and availability!
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